This privacy policy document (hereinafter known as the Document) pertains to the use of the Qompute Fleet Traq app (hereinafter known as the App), built for the Apple iOS and Google Android platforms, by Qompute Pte Ltd, based in Singapore (hereinafter known as the Developer). The App is provided at no cost and is intended for use as provided, without any further warranties and/or expectation of support, express, implied, or otherwise. The policies on the collection, use, and/or disclosure of personal information, if any, are expressly outlined in the Document, and users of the App are deemed informed accordingly, and agree to them as binding terms and conditions of use. The personal information collected, if any, is used solely for the core functionalities of the App, and is not shared and/or disclosed beyond these intended requirements.

App Functionality, Data Collection, Data Use, and Data Storage

The App functions integrally with backend servers (hereinafter known as the Server), which provide services that require paid subscriptions. The account holders of these paid subscriptions (hereinafter known as the Subscribers) are responsible for the provisioning of the login access credentials required for the App to synchronize with the Server. The App sends and receives working data, which includes, but is not limited to, the location information of the user. The location information is retained and stored in the Server for current and archival use, solely within the accounts of the Subscribers, and at the discretion of the Subscribers.

Third-Party Services

The App utilizes and implements the following third-party data services:


The Developer implements and utilizes industry standard digital infrastructures in the development and maintenance of the App, the Server, and all related services, and practices due diligence in managing operational and storage integrity. However, this does not constitute any form of guarantee of absolute security, and the Developer shall be fully indemnified in the event of any failure and/or breach of these services.

Children’s Privacy

The App has an age-rating of 4+ but is intended for users aged 18+ due to the commercial and industrial nature of its application. Since no personal information is collected, and the core functionalities of the App, including location data, require login access to the Server, the risks of misuse by under-aged users are mitigated. Parents and guardians are urged to take note.

Updates and Changes

The terms, conditions, and policies as outlined in the Document invariably undergo updates and/or changes without any prior notification. As such, users are advised to periodically review this page when continuing to use the App. Unless otherwise stated, any and all posted updates and/or changes will take immediate effect.

Contact Us

Thank you for your attention and for choosing Qompute Fleet Traq. We are always glad to receive your feedback and suggestions to improve and advance our products and services. For any questions or queries in regard to the App or to the Document, please direct them to the following email address:

Last Updated: 3rd December 2020